What time and from where can I start and end my trip?

  • We will pick you up from the place and at the time as mutually agreed at the time of the booking.
  • Similarly, during the trip, the journey for each day will start per the itinerary finalised at the time of the booking. However, in case of any changes, you will have to co-ordinate with the guest co-ordinator on board and seek confirmation for the change, in order to ensure your safety and comfort.
  • Also, during the trip it is advisable to reach the destination by latest by 7 pm or per the planned itinerary, whichever is earlier.
  • The morning starts for each day of travel will not be earlier than 6 am or ad decided at the time of the booking.
  • On the last day of the trip, it is advisable to reach your booked drop-off destination latest by 7 pm.

What is the average speed at which the caravan travels?

  • The Caravan has a maximum speed of 80 kmph, but the average speed for a trip in the plains is about 40 to 50 kmph and in the hills is about 30 to 40kmph.

Where will we stay in the night?

  • We have tie-ups with premium hosts who maintain some great sites just perfect for Caravanning. These hosts will take care of the all the hospitality and safety during your stays. In the night, the Caravan will be stationed within the precincts of the site and the guests will sleep in the Caravan.
  • The guest area of the Caravan has a separate entrance and is equipped with a safety lock, which can only be opened from inside and this ensures complete privacy and safety.

Can we make impromptu stops on the way while travelling?

Caravanning is all about spontaneity. We encourage our guests to pull-over along the way and take breaks at places of their choice along the planned itinerary. However, please be mindful of the safety and also the arrival times at the designated sites for night stay so as to fully enjoy the experience of Caravanning.

Does the caravan come with any outdoor furniture?

Yes, the Caravan is equipped with a set of 4 outdoors chairs, a table, a barbeque, a 2-person tent and a couple of sleeping bags, if the guest want to use these outside the caravan.

Can I change my planned itinerary on the way?

Caravanning is about exploring and that’s the way your itinerary will be decided and agreed with you before the start of the journey. The itinerary will provide a detailed plan and any significant variation from that is not desirable keeping in mind your own comfort and safety and that of the crew.

Can I smoke or/and consume liquor in the Caravan?

Smoking and consumption of liquor is strictly prohibited in the Caravan at all times. Guests are responsible for all costs, expenses or fines incurred as a result of offences under the influence or keeping of alcohol or drugs inside the Caravan.

Can I drive the Caravan?

The Guests are not permitted to enter the driver cabin nor drive the Caravan under any circumstances.

How many persons can the caravan accommodate?

  • The Caravan has sleeping arrangements for maximum 4 adults and during the day 6 to 7 people can travel in it.
  • There is a lounge area and a bedroom.

What is the size of the beds?

  • There are 2 beds in the Caravan. One is a full-time flat bed in the rear part of the vehicle which is 6ft x 5 ft and can sleep two adults. The second one is a sofa-cum bed in the lounge area of the Caravan and 6ft x 5 ft and can sleep two adults.

Do you provide bed linen or should we bring our own?

  • Personal hygiene is important and we at RV On ensure that for a every trip we provide freshly dry-cleaned set of bedding.
  • In addition, we also provide a set of freshly dry-cleaned 4 bathing towels

How many bags/suitcases can I carry?

  • Guest can carry 1 suitcase per traveller of reasonable size for upto 4 pax in the luggage area.
  • In addition to this, you can carry small handbags which will have to be placed in the guest area.

How big is the washroom? How will the washrooms be cleaned?

  • The washroom is 4ft x 4ft, which includes the bath area, WC and a wash basin.
  • The crew on board, with permission from you will come and service the washroom once every day.
  • The waste water from the washroom is collected in concealed tanks in the underbody of the Caravan and this will be emptied out in a designated place in the site, daily by our crew on board.

Is there hot water in the washroom?

  • Yes, there is a small geyser that will provide hot water for a shower.

Will the washroom be equipped with toiletries?

  • Yes, the washroom will be equipped with premium toiletries for 4 adults for the planned duration of the trip.

How much water is available for the washroom?

  • The caravan is equipped with a water-tanks of 200 litres and can run the washroom for 4 pax for over a day. The water tanks will anyways be replenished every day by the crew.

What are the entertainment options while on board?

  • RV On Caravan’s have 2 smart TV on board. In addition, there is wi-fi on board which will help you stay connected with the outside world.
  • There is a music system as well with a high-quality sound bar.
  • We encourage the guests to carry light sports and music instruments of their own.

Will the AC work in the night?

  • Yes, the Caravan is equipped to keep the AC working in the night even when the engine is switched-off. The AC in the night works on an external supply from the mains located outside the vehicle and connected to an external source on the site.
  • In case, the external source is not accessible, there is a silent generator on board on which the AC will work.

Can I cook in the vehicle?

  • The Caravan is equipped with a mini-fridge, an induction plate and an electric kettle. These can be used for making light beverages and snacks. The Caravan does not have any gas-based equipment to ensure safety of the guests.
  • In addition, there is a portable barbeque available with the crew and they will be carrying a few food items that can be cooked in case of impromptu stop overs.
  • All major meals will be at the sites as booked per the itinerary.

What are the Food options?

  • Your food preferences and menu options will be discussed and finalised at the time of the booking. The meals will be cooked and served in the pre-designated spots.
  • In addition, we also have a trained chef on board who can put together some quick snacks on best effort basis, outside the Caravan.

What about my privacy?

  • The guest area of the Caravan has a separate entrance and is equipped with a safety lock, which can only be opened from inside and this ensures complete privacy and safety.
  • The guest area in the Caravan is completely cut-off from the driver cabin. The communication between the driver cabin and the guest area is via an intercom device.
  • Throughout the trip, no outsider will be allowed inside the guest area, except with the explicit permission of the guests.
  • Our crew will never sleep in the Caravan; their accommodation is taken care by us in/around the site where the Caravan will be stationed at nights.

What happens if the vehicle breaks down or if I am in an accident?

  • Hopefully, that doesn’t happen! However, in such a case, we will make our best efforts to minimise the inconvenience. The security and comfort of our guests is paramount to us and we will step-up to meet such challenges.
  • Guests travelling with the Company are required to ensure adequate insurance for themselves and/or their belongings.

What are the safety arrangements on board?

  • The Caravan has a fire-extinguisher, a glass breaker hammer, an emergency exit and a first aid box.
  • In addition, the guests will be provided with powerful torch lights as well.

What if I/my family or friends fall sick during the trip?

  • We have an emergency first aid kit on board stocked with basic medicines which can care of minor ailments/injuries. However, in case of anything more, we will put in our best efforts to arrange for transport to the nearest medical facility.

Can I get my pet in the Caravan?

  • No, pets are not allowed in the Caravan.

What is the Booking, Cancellation and Amendment policy?

  • Booking, Pricing, Inclusion and Exclusions We will send the booking confirmation over mail and the guest will have to make 100% payment in advance and submit a copy of all the travelling Guests’ passport/Aadhar card/such like identification proofs for the booking to be confirmed. The identification proofs will be used for the purpose of submission to law enforcement agencies and for determination of entry/activity fees as applicable. Prices are exclusive of GST and GST will be charged extra based on applicable rates at the time of booking. The GST details of the Guests, if any, must be provided to the Company at the time of booking so that appropriate invoice reflecting the GST credit can be raised. The price inclusions and exclusions will be listed in the quotation that the Guest receive from the Company. Unless expressly included, all and any costs (without limitation) will be deemed to be shall be excluded.
  • Amendment to Bookings Any amendments to the travel plan that the Guest may desire must be communicated to the Company in writing over email at-least 7 days prior to the actual travel dates and the Company reserves the right to accept or reject these as per its discretion. The cost of amendments will be passed on to the Guest as deemed appropriate by the Company.
  • Cancellation Policy and Refunds Following are the cancellation terms and the refund policy: Any cancellation by the guests within 21 days before the travel date will not attract any cancellation fee and 100% of booking amount received will be refunded.
    Cancellation by the guests within 14 days before the travel date will attract 50% cancellation fee and 50% of booking amount received will be refunded.
    Cancellation by the guests within 7 days before the travel date will attract 100% cancellation fee and no part of the booking amount received will be refunded.
    Refunds will not be made for any missed service/s in respect of the Experience or Tour. In case of cancellation by the Company before the travel date, the Company will refund the amount collected from the guests within 30 days of the cancellation.

What if I cause damage to the Caravan or any fitments

  • Guests have to take care of the Caravan and the fitments that come with it. The Caravans are equipped with a mini-refrigerator, an induction plate, 2 LED TVs, Geyser and a functional washroom and such like amenities and the guests must use these with proper care. In case of any damage to these, guests will be liable to make good the damage as assessed by the Company.